Seeds of SuccessTM
Memory Care

Our innovative approach features
evidence-based programming provided
in specially-designed neighborhoods
that brings hope to loved ones with
dementia & their families.


Memory Care Built for You & Your Loved Ones

Caring for a family member or loved one with dementia can be challenging. As symptoms of memory loss,confusion, and even aggressive speech or actions escalate, family members find it increasingly difficult to offer the continuous care that their loved ones need to stay safe and comfortable. Sunflower Communities’ SEEDS OF SUCCESSTM  is an innovative new memory care program created to address these challenges & bring hope to loved ones and their families facing the realities of dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.

In our memory care neighborhoods, we believe life doesn’t stop with a diagnosis of dementia.
By focusing on what our residents can do - providing engaging daily activities that activate all five senses, and offering evidence-based, compassionate care - we create a home that promotes safety, well-being, and happiness for each of our residents. Take a few moments to explore our innovative philosophy of care, specialized programming, and unique community features that set our memory care program apart. We hope to partner with you soon as we work together to create the best possible environment and opportunities for your loved one.


Janelle M. Johnson, LSW, JD
Dementia Care Consultant for SEEDS OF SUCCESSTM MEMORY CARE PROGRAM                       
Sunflower Communities

It All Start with a Handful of Seeds
Our SEEDS OF SUCCESSTM MEMORY CARE PROGRAM was developed with the philosophy that our specially-trained caregivers, nurses, and occupational therapists can sow seeds of possibility and hope every day in the lives of our residents and their families through:

  • Encouragement
  • Understanding
  • Education
  • Expertise
  • Hands-On Care

We believe that if these seeds are continually sown, something beautiful can bloom in the lives of our memory care residents and their families.

Meaningful Programming to Cultivate Engagement
Our daily activity schedule is thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of our memory care residents. Time to rest is interspersed with more stimulating activities for a well-rounded experience that decreases the daily stress often induced as dementia progresses. Weekly activities include:

  • Reminiscence Groups – Allow residents to re-connect with the past and the familiar.
  • Music Therapy – Gives residents the opportunity to listen to music, sing songs, and play a wide variety of instruments as they use cognition and motor skills in a social setting.
  • Daily Exercise – Promotes regular movement with meaning for our residents.
  • Pet Therapy – Offers residents guided interaction with trained animals, including dogs and cats, that helps calm anxiety and reduce daily stress.
  • Fine Arts & Crafting – Allows residents to express themselves through a wide variety of art-related activities, including painting, simple pottery, photography projects, and fabric crafts.

NEW Sensory rooms
These environments help our residents awaken their 5 senses with combined lighting effects, aromas, colors, textures and sounds to stimulate their olfactory, auditory and gustatory systems. To ensure safety, residents use our sensory rooms with a member of our care team or visiting family members.

Compassionate Care Inspired by Our SEVEN PETAL PLANTM
When new residents move into our memory care neighborhoods, our dementia-trained care team uses our customized, person-centered SEVEN PETAL PLANTM for Compassionate Memory Care to deliver our evidence-based model of dementia care created around the unique needs of each resident. It includes a special focus on these seven areas:


Everyone has a unique and important story to share.
Before each new resident moves in, our team meets with them & their family to complete a Sunflower Life Story that includes specific information about their background and what matters most to them. After moving in, residents create a Memory Box to display objects from their life to help them share their story with others & later to assist them in finding their rooms independently.


Structured daily programming provides comfort & a predictable routine.
Our specially-trained Activities Coordinators who are also Certified Nursing Assistants within our memory care neighborhoods are already well known and recognized by our residents. This allows them to lead programming throughout the day with minimal disruption. Our structured daily schedule alternates stimulating activities with less stimulating activities to ensure resident comfort and reduce stress.


Focusing on individual strengths inspires people to live to the fullest regardless of where they are in their lives.
We focus on resident abilities versus disabilities. From painting to singing to crafting and beyond, fostering the activities that bring joy to the lives of our residents help reduce their fears and give them the strength to move forward more confidently.


Every resident is given the opportunity, if interested, to celebrate their spiritual journey regardless of their faith background or tradition.
We understand that spirituality is important in the lives of many of our residents. From special non-denominational sensory spiritual services held on-site to one-on-one time withlocal pastors, priests, rabbis, and other spiritual leaders, we create opportunities for residents to celebrate their faith journey and the comfort that it can bring.


Our first priority is the safety of each of our memory care residents.
We understand that in order to reduce stress and create a peaceful setting, residents must always feel safe. From the secured neighborhoods that we’ve created, to our strategies for safely handling challenging behaviors brought on by dementia, we’ve developed a comprehensive approach to ensuring the safety and well-being of each resident living in our memory care communities.


Daily social interaction, both formal & informal, improves behavioral health and outlook on life.
Through the companion rooms provided in our memory care neighborhoods to group activities & meals in our community dining room, our environment & programming is designed to promote social interactions that have been proven to lead to more positive behavioral health outcomes.


Providing needed psychological and clinical support on a regular basis allows our residents to stay healthier from the inside out.
Our memory care staffing model promotes a higher staff to resident ratio based on need to allow for a more supportive care environment. In addition, both RNs and LPNs join our team of specially-trained Certified Nursing Assistants to provide daily care and support. Our communities are also served by a team of primary care providers, occupational therapists, & licensed psychologists to provide optimum care to each of our residents.

Memory Care Rooted in Clinical Expertise
Our compassionate approach to dementia care is evidence-based & clinically-backed. The clinical focus of our care starts with our Dementia-Trained Certified Nursing Assistants, ready to meet the daily needs of our residents, and continues with regular interactions with higher level clinicians available on-site, including:

  • RNs & LPNs Specially-Trained in Dementia Care for a stronger overall nursing presence.
  • Occupational Therapists Regularly On-Site to Work with Residents to address ability gaps brought on by the cognitive challenges they are facing and proactively develop smart strategies to fill these gaps.
  • Primary Care Providers & Behavioral Health Professionals Regularly On-Site available for our residents and their families to consult with regarding additional interventions to improve each of our resident’s quality of life and overall well being.

Care Designed to Grow With Need
Our program has been specifically developed to offer the flexibility for increased care when it becomes needed, as dementia symptoms continue to progress. Our Registered Nurse will work with you and your loved one to determine initial needs & level of care based on the General Stages of Alzheimer’s published by the Alzheimer’s Association and our Sunflower Communities Memory Care Needs Scale that includes the following three stages of care for dementia progression:

Ready to Take the Next Steps?

Schedule Your Tour, Explore Our Community & Start the Admissions Process
Regardless of where you and your loved ones are at in your search for the right memory care community, you can plan your next steps with our Director of Admissions at your chosen Sunflower Memory Care Neighborhood. We’re committed to making the transition into our memory care community as seamless and comfortable as possible.