Community Activities that Promote Relationships

Our residents have the opportunity to be active members of our community on a daily basis. Our aim is to provide a variety of engaging and interactive community programs to ensure our residents stay as active as they prefer each day. 

April Activities Calendars:

Nagel: Assisted LivingMemory Care

Elmore: Assisted LivingMemory Care 


Benefits of Activities for Seniors

It goes without saying that staying physically active in your later years offers dozens of health benefits, such as faster injury recovery, preventing illness and disease, and aiding in chronic pain management. But staying socially active is just as important. It’s essential to stay busy and stay active for a number of reasons. The benefits of activities for seniors include:

More Restful Sleep

Loneliness, depression, and a bad mood can be reasons why people have trouble sleeping. By being active in the day, not only is mood improved for a more restful sleep, but a busy day can make one tired and ready to sleep through the night. 

More Likely to Be Physically Active

If individuals are attending social activities, they are more likely to also enjoy physical activities. Plus, the simple act of going on a walk or getting out of their rooms to attend an event means they’re getting some physical activity each day. 

Better Mood

Social activities help combat feelings of loneliness and depression. By conversing with friends and family, people find themselves feeling happier about life in general. 

Improved Cognitive Ability

Our brains need exercise too. Social activities can help boost brain function and even prevent the onset of diseases like Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

Boosts Immunity 

Increased immune systems have been seen in those who stay more socially and physically active than those who don’t. 

Increased Longevity

Having and maintaining a tight-knit group of friends can help one live a longer, happier life. They not only help reduce stress but often encourage each other to remain active and act as an emotional support system. 

Types of Activities We Offer

We find it essential to include a wide array of activities for our residents. This helps keep things fun and entertaining.  By introducing a combination of different activities, we can also cater to the preferences of all our residents. We even sprinkle in some physical activities along with our social events. Residents can enjoy such activities as:

  • Social hours
  • Bingo
  • Manicures
  • Crafts
  • Group stretch and light exercise
  • Holiday parties
  • Birthday parties
  • Dress-up days
  • And more


Recent Activities

With these challenging times, we cannot express how grateful we are to all the local businesses and community members that are showing their support through words of encouragement, goodies & treats! This all means the world to our residents and staff alike. When it is safe to do so, we will post our upcoming activities and events. So, stay tuned!