Supporting Residents At Home

Sunflower Communities is part of a family of healthcare companies that have been bringing quality care and support to people in Minnesota for over 20 years. We also welcome other providers into our communities to assist our residents with services to help them lead a vibrant, meaningful life. ON-SITE SERVICES provided include:


Now our residents don’t even have to leave home for their doctor’s appointments. We’re proud to partner with Twin Cities Physicians, a growing group of doctors, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners who specialize in providing quality care to adults living in senior communities. 
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Our residents can now rest easy knowing that their prescription medications can be delivered right to their community – avoiding an unnecessary trip to the pharmacy. We’re proud to partner with United Community Pharmacy, a Twin Cities-based pharmacy that specializes in delivering prescriptions to seniors in their homes. Whether by mail or courier, our residents and their families can be confident that their prescriptions are on their way. 
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Residents enjoy being able to have regular visits from behavioral health professionals right in their community! We’re proud to partner with the Associated Clinic of Psychology, a well-established group of Twin Cities-based clinics and professionals that specialize in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of behavioral health issues for those that reside in our communities. Whether clinicians are providing services in person or virtually, our residents know they will receive the best in behavioral health services while at Sunflower Communities.

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