Community Dining that Promotes Connections

We believe relationships are built and deepened when we break bread together. Enjoying restaurant-style meals and great conversation in our common dining rooms is fundamental to the health of each of our communities.

We have partnered with the Chef Marshall O’Brien Group, a leading expert in meal programs, who is now working with us to create nourishing, great tasting meals that all of our residents love to eat. We regularly ask for feedback from our residents, listen to all of the input, and make positive changes wherever we can.   

We Believe Nourishing is Different than Eating

You eat to survive. You nourish to thrive. Our Executive Chefs and culinary team is committed to helping our residents feel their best by providing recipes that feed their bodies with the Smart Nutrition it needs to thrive. We believe that the right foods propel our residents toward a better lifestyle while the wrong foods can zap energy and depress moods.

Our Food Philosophy in Action

At Sunflower Communities, we’re proud to have developed our Sunflower Food Philosophy that guides all of our dining programs. This multifaceted philosophy involves specific actions taken by our staff and residents on a regular basis to ensure that only the highest quality food is served to our residents to assist them in living the most healthy lives possible, these actions include:

  • Reviewing our meal programs including menus, equipment, training and cooking processes on a regular basis to ensure that we’re providing the best dining and nutrition experiences for our residents.
  • Conducting quarterly surveys on our meal program to ensure our residents are enjoying the meals served.
  • Educating our residents on the benefits of making smart nutrition choices to empower them to live healthier lives.
  • Enjoying taste tests in our dining rooms to explore new flavors and recipes that our residents might enjoy as additions to our menu.

Want to Experience the Sunflower Dining Experience for yourself?

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