Customized Care for Every Resident

We’re proud to provide the health services needed to allow our residents to thrive. Along with monthly rent, each resident will also be assigned a customized level of care – from Enhanced Assisted Living Care to Ultimate Memory Care. Because we’re focused on serving high-needs assisted living and memory care residents, these care levels provide the value families are looking for paired with the care that residents need. These convenient care levels allow residents and their families to:

  • Plan for monthly care costs versus being surprised by mounting ala carte care expenses
  • Provide increased care as needed with designated hours per month available for personalized Care Attendant Visits
  • Seamlessly transition from Assisted Living to Memory Care should this be necessary

The care level for each of our residents is determined by a complete assessment of their level of need by our nurse.    

Care Levels

Our Elmore Community provides senior care services for all residents from basic assisted living care needs to advanced memory care. The care level for each of our residents is determined by a complete assessment of their level of need by one of our care team professionals. Choose your appropriate level of care:

  • Level 1: BASIC                                                
    • Care Attendant Visits (up to 40 hours per month)
    • Medication Set-Up & Administration (through Level 3)
    • Blood Pressure Checks (up to 1 per day)
    • Weights (up to 1 per day)
    • Daily Wellness Checks
    • Monthly Routine Footcare
    • Assistance Accessing Community Resources (up to 5 hours per month)
  • Level 2: MODERATE                                               
    • All of the above, plus…
    • Care Attendant Visits (up to 15 additional hours per month / 55 Total hours per month)
    • Secured Memory Care Environment – which includes:
      • Supportive 24 hour supervision within the secured unit (Care ratio of 1:5)
      • Daily guidance, functional and social cueing
      • Meaningful and varied daily activities (both planned and unplanned)
      • Regularly scheduled group therapeutic activities (music therapy, reminiscence groups, therapeutic arts)
      • Daily exercise—movement with meaning
      • Workshops/family gatherings
    • Level 3: ENHANCED                                               
      • All of the above, plus…
      • Care Attendant Visits (up to 15 additional hours per month – 70 Total hours per month)
      • Assistance with walking and transferring
      • Help with eating
      • Extensive, appropriate support with social cueing
      • Frequent redirection/interventions to reduce risk of elopement and/or inappropriate behaviors
      • Occasional two-person assist with transfers
    • Level 4: ULTIMATE                                        
      • All of the above, plus…
      • Care Attendant Visits (up to 15 additional hours per month – 85 Total hours per month)
      • Two persons transfers with care
      • Wheelchair assistance
      • Incontinence assistance (total)
      • Physical assistance/support with eating
      • Daily one-to-one interactions
      • Hourly checks for security and safety
      • Special needs (may include coordination of care with outside agencies)
      • Range of motion (daily)
      • Repositioning during the day or hours of sleep

Additional Services

Care Attendant, Nursing & Therapy Visits:

  • Care Attendant Visits                                                 
  • RN/LPN Visits                                                           
  • Physical, Occupational, or Speech Therapy               

Medication Management & Administration:

  • Medication Set-Up                                                     
  • Medication Administration – Level 1                         
  • Medication Administration – Level 2                         
  • Medication Administration – Level 3                         
  • Blood Glucose Check                                                
  • Insulin / Other Injections (not including B12)
  • B12 Injection                                                              

Medical Care Services:

  • Blood Pressure Checks                                              
  • Weights                                                                      
  • Routine Foot Care                                                      
  • Wellness Check                                                          
  • Wound Care                                                               
  • Oxygen Management                                                 
  • Nebulizer Treatments                                                 
  • Catheter Care                                                             
  • Colostomy Care
  • Urine Specimen Collection                                         .

Other Services:

  • Laundry Service (wash, dry, fold, deliver)                 
  • Housekeeping                                                            
  • Assistance accessing community resources                
  • Assistance with bills & finances                                 
  • Transportation/Chaperone to Blue Earth                                                                    
  • In-Room Mini Refrigerator Purchase                         
  • Guest Room Rental (Based On Availability)                  
  • Other Transportation Service                                    
  • Beauty Salon                                                              
  • Foot or Chair Massage                                   

Food Services:

Guest Meals (tax included)