Activities That Cultivate Engagement

Our daily schedule in memory care includes time to rest that is interspersed with more stimulating activities for a well-rounded experience that decreases the daily stress often induced as dementia progresses. Weekly activities include:

  • Reminiscence Groups – Allow residents to re-connect with the past and the familiar.
  • Music Therapy – Gives residents the opportunity to listen to music, sing songs, and play a wide variety of instruments as they use cognition and motor skills in a social setting.
  • Daily Exercise – Promotes regular movement with meaning for our residents.
  • Pet Therapy – Offers residents guided interaction with trained animals, including dogs and cats, that helps calm anxiety and reduce daily stress.
  • Fine Arts & Crafting – Allows residents to express themselves through a wide variety of art-related activities, including painting, simple pottery, photography projects, and fabric crafts.

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