Programs & Amenities Provided

On-site Therapy – We ensure our residents dealing with mental health issues get the help they need right from the comfort of their home here at Sunflower Communities.

Furniture Available – We make move-in easy. In addition to new televisions in each room, we can provide furniture as needed (offered free of charge to CADI and EW residents).

Shared Spaces Promote Safer Living – Companion bedroom options are available to those who would prefer the company of other individuals, which can be helpful for those dealing with loneliness associated with depression.

You can contact us with questions or call to schedule your in-person tour at 507.943.3333

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Our Promise of Care

Receiving Primary Care – Our residents never have to leave home for their health appointments, which is important for those with behavioral issues that can occur in stressful situations. We proudly partner with Twin Cities Physicians, who specialize in providing quality care to senior adults living in our communities.

A Focus on PTSD and Bipolar Disorder – Many of our residents are war veterans that deal with PTSD and other mental health diagnoses that can lead to behavioral issues that we can address with them in a safe environment.

Care Coordination Services – Complete Care Group is a local non-profit organization specializing in assisting residents living in senior communities. Thanks to our partnership, residents can rely on quality care coordination in our communities, whether they need durable medical equipment, labs, behavioral health services, or more.